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I'll start by noting that I graduated from UCSB many years ago (all of the home matches were at Robertson Gymnasium since this was pre-Thunderdome). I was surprised to not see UCSB in this Top 20 until I remembered that current VBelo #20 Daemen University won (3 to 2) against UCSB at the Harvard Invitational. UCSB's win against UCLA earlier this year was noteworthy but it's very interesting to see the VBelo Model's current "landscape" results. Keep up the good work. (And a very big "Go Bows!")

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UCSB is an interesting one this season. Right now they are sitting at 27th which is a little surprising to me too. They have shown they can beat the top teams, but they have struggled to find consistency. Even with a tough conference schedule, 7-13 isn't great.

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I do feel that the polls are good for publicity. The chart showed which teams are doing solid work all season. Winning matters and sometimes losing too many times to strong opponents means that one lost. A team must win some of those tough contests and SFU, Daemen, LMU and others in the 10- 20 range have done so.

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